Inspired by the industrial design this sleek space-saving monitor stand is a great desk accessory to enhance the visual organisation of your desk. The simple and sturdy design fits perfectly into any decor and adds an elegant look to your desktop or work area.
• ERGONOMIC DESIGN - elevates your desktop computer monitor to a more comfortable height, which reduces neck and shoulder strain.
• VERSATILE FIT - fits monitor bases up to 15 inches wide and 9.5 inches deep.
• HEAVY-DUTY INDUSTRIAL STEEL - thoughtful design beautifully compliments your office space.

Dimensions: H9.5 x W48 x D25cm / H3.7 x W18.9 x D9.8in
Weight: 8Kg 
Material: 10mm thick mild steel
Colours: outside - titanium metal finish painted steel, inside - natural steel*. All natural steel surfaces are coated in a protective clear varnish.

*Please note that due to the nature of the manufacturing process, variation of colours and steel patterns is possible. Also, there is a possibility of minor scratches and marks from the metal press.

Steel cleaning: Use a soft dry cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt. Never use abrasive sponges or scourers on the surface. Any moisture should be immediately dried off of the surface.

Available in custom sizes and finishes.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent experience. Communication was a breeze; the owner was both responsive and accommodating, working with me on custom sizes and colors. The two monitor stands I purchased arrived well-packed, within the expected timeframe, and are sleek, sturdy, beautiful, exact to spec, and functionally perfect. Thank you very much, Povilas.


Before I came across this store, I was driving myself crazy trying to find a good enclosure for my DAC, which comes in a standard hi-fi component size but isn’t designed to be mounted in a rack. Unfortunately every hi-fi enclosure I found that I liked had rack-mounting. What I needed instead was something that would let me create a secure stack: heavy duty enough to never move or wobble, creating a secure surface to put an amplifier on top, and exactly the right size to both protect the DAC and allow space for venting. This monitor-riser seemed to fit the bill almost perfectly, it just needed a few extra inches of depth. Thankfully, Bent offers custom sizing and gave me a few extra inches at no additional cost. Communication with them was a joy. They were responsive and kept me well updated on the manufacturing and shipping.