Minimalistic industrial steel vinyl record holder. This simple modern piece of furniture is perfect for storing and showcasing your cherished record collection and a great gift for a record collector. Its sturdy and robust construction is comprised of raw metal for optimal durability combined with fine crafted edging detail. Manufactured in Europe, this highly functional record rack can hold up to 40 LPs or 12" records. You can choose from natural to painted steel in black or copper finishes.
Whether you've got a small or large record collection, this vinyl record holder will look great in your home while keeping your records safe and easily accessible.

Dimensions: H33 x W52 x D33cm / H13 x W20.5 x D13in
Weight: 6kg
Materials: 4mm thick steel.
Colours: Black, Copper, Natural steel* or any RAL colour.
Capacity: Record crate provides storage space up 40 LPs stackable side to side.
Steel cleaning: Use a soft dry cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt away. Never use abrasive sponges or scourers on the surface. Any moisture should be immediately dried off of the surface.
Care instructions: All steel parts which have a raw finish will need waxing every 12 months (depending on the humidity) to protect the steel from oxidation. Steel can be waxed using Clear furniture Wax. We would recommend Liberon Black Bison Paste Wax Satin to Gloss Clear. To re-wax your steel simply wipe down the steel with a dry cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Then apply a thin, even layer of wax following the direction of the grain using a clean, white lint free cloth. Leave for 30 minutes. Using a new clean cloth buff the entire surface.
For sprayed steel finishes please do not apply wax. These surfaces are already protected so will just need to be kept clean.

*Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, variation of colours and steel pattern is possible.

Available in custom sizes and finishes.

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Did not Receiver my Order

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Terrific pic for keeping albums tidy and accessible. Great quality.

Kathryn Howe

Great product. Great service. Helped sort out a delivery issue by email.


5 stars


this is my 3rd piece ordered 😊communication & shipping time was great, thank you!! 💛