Modern living room steel coffee table with a contemporary industrial design in mind. It combines raw minimalistic design with a strip down functionality. Finished with a fine crafted edging.
Suitable for home or office settings, Mirror polished steel coffee table features a clean and simple design that makes a bold contemporary statement.
Clean and classic, geometric-shaped design with a unique look.
Solid, sturdy & durable construction.

Dimensions: H30 x W60 x D60cm / H11.8 x W23.6 x D23.6in
Weight: 20kg
Material: 4mm thick mirror polished stainless steel
Colour: Mirror grey
Steel cleaning: Use a soft dry cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt away. Never use abrasive sponges or scourers on the surface. Any moisture should be immediately dried off of the surface.
Care instructions: Any cleaning and polishing products that are abrasive or contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia or chlorine should be avoided. Any cleaning towels that are abrasive must be avoided, including paper towels. We recommend glass cleaners which are streak-free and microfiber towels/cloths. For polishing we recommend 3M Ultrafine SE polishing compound for polishing of mirror-finished stainless surfaces. It will remove hairline scratches and light scuffs, and is applied to a clean microfiber towel folded into a small (4” X 4”) square. Polish is available at most automotive paint and finish distributors nationwide. After polishing, we recommended Meguiar’s X-Press liquid wax which can be be applied in the same manner as the polish. This will help reduce oxidation (darkening), and will keep fingerprints to a minimum.

Available in custom sizes.

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Fabulous item. Amazing colour and fits perfectly into our interior.