Inspired by the industrial design this sleek space-saving monitor stand is a great desk accessory to enhance the visual organisation of your desk. The simple and slim design fits perfectly into any decor and adds an elegant look to your desktop or work area.

Dimensions: H9.5 x W48 x D25cm / H3.7 x H18.9 x D9.8in
Weight: 4Kg
Material: 4mm thick mirror polished stainless steel*.
Colour: Mirror grey

*Please note that due to the nature of the manufacturing process, there is a possibility of minor scratches and marks from the metal press.

Care instructions: Any cleaning and polishing products that are abrasive or contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia or chlorine should be avoided. Any cleaning towels that are abrasive must be avoided, including paper towels. We recommend glass cleaners that are streak-free and microfiber towels/cloths. For polishing, we recommend a 3M Ultrafine SE polishing compound for polishing mirror-finished stainless surfaces. It will remove hairline scratches and light scuffs and is applied to a clean microfiber towel folded into a small (4” X 4”) square. Polish is available at most automotive paint and finishes distributors nationwide. After polishing, we recommended Meguiar’s X-Press liquid wax which can be applied in the same manner as the polish. This will help reduce oxidation (darkening), and will keep fingerprints to a minimum.

Available in custom sizes.

Customer Reviews

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The Polished Steel Monitor Stand is a real work of art, very well designed and implemented. Very well done.


great build quality, sleek and minimalist. perfect for a home office or home studio setup.